February 21 (in just 2 days) will mark 3 years since I started working in the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters. I wish I’d blogged (and journaled) more faithfully…just for a record of how I processed through the transition. In fact, I haven’t been good at blogging since getting married—that’d make it 5 years of my life with sparse commentary. There have just been too many transitions coming at me too fast to pause and process! (In 5 years I’ve gotten married once, held 2 jobs, lived in 2 States, bought 2 houses, and had 3 babies!)

So what’s changed?

Nothing. Really. Life is still just as fast-paced, if not more so now. Sleep is still just as scarce, if not more so now. Work is still just as busy, if not more so now. (More on all these areas in the coming days.)

Maybe I’ve just gotten used to the new pace so I don’t quite feel like I’m drowning any more. And I’ve come to the realization that life will not become less busy so I must decide what to fill my time with. Already work and family life demand a significant investment. Rather than letting myself wallow in the memory of a time when I had more time, I’m learning to claim those few moments that are still open and maximize their usage. So I’m getting back into exercising, and reading, and here I am, blogging. Oh, and I’m developing a podcast idea đŸ™‚ (more on that later)!

There are SO MANY topics I’d like to write on! The struggle is where to start. So I figured I’d start by talking about starting. Makes sense, right. My blog is undergoing a face lift and I’m excited to jump back into that blog life.

Aja-aja! Fighting!