Today marks the one year anniversary of my first day at this job. It has been quite a ride!
The move from Michigan was rough. Financially. Emotionally. Socially. Rough.
But here we are, one year later, and God has seen us through!

When we filed our taxes, our tax preparer asked how we managed to survive financially!
Yeah, we had to forego the luxury of vegemeat everyday (that stuff’s bad for you anyway) and experiment with different types of dried beans…
So we couldn’t eat out and had to shop once a week with a very specific budget (and would hi-5 each other at the cash register when we came in significantly under budget because then we could afford a luxury the next week)…
We couldn’t buy any new toys for the kids and gifts became a little more practical (like suspenders instead of legos – my son loves both by the way)…
And trips out had to be better planned and strategic…

But the intentional living we were forced into was a blessing in and of itself!
Moreover, we never went without food on the table.
We never froze though our house wasn’t the tropics.
Never missed a payment on essential bills.
Managed to bring my sister from Zim to visit.
And even safely welcomed a baby into our home.
Not once did I feel poor in this past year despite the story our finances tell.

Looking back at this whirlwind of a transition year, I cannot but praise the Lord. He did it again. He brought us safely through. He sent His servants to bless us at critical moments (like our Christian neighbors who gave us rice and cooking oil just before we ran out). Without God, we never would have made it. With Him, everyday is a thrilling adventure!