Yes, I was indoctrinated while at Wellesley that ours was not a girls’ school. It was a women’s college! But who cares, right?

Ya, It’s pretty much communicating the same message of an academic institution for females; but it does so in a diminutive manner!

Uha, I understand that you don’t mean to communicate disrespect, but if that’s the message that is coming across and there are more amicable ways of communicating then why not modify your language?

No, no, this is not just about being politically correct! If you modified your language just to appease me, that would be political correctness. But, if you realize that words carry meaning and it is your desire to more closely match your true feeling to your speech, then it’s not mere politics.

It’s easy to dismiss the importance of words when the words aren’t hurting you. But be a Christian, have a care, and try to use words that will build people up and break down walls and not the opposite.

To be sure, I am guilty of using words unwisely as well. But it’s not something I’m proud of, nor is it something I’d promote. It’s something to overcome, to grow in, and daily to be more likely to say something helpful and not hurtful.

So, yes, my friend who will probably never read this post, who cares? I wish you would.

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  1. hehe. Thanks for caring, Parul! Guess I went on a little rant there huh. It’s just that inconsiderate, close-minded attitudes like that stir up strife for no good cause. It peeves me! you know.

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