canvassingFrom the very first time I heard canvassing stories, I knew I wanted to try it for myself! EVERYTHING about it seemed intriguing to me. Even the potential for the development of character that results from repeated rejection was enticing! But most of all, I was enthralled by the promise of legit miracles taking place right before my very eyes as I worked door-to-door. I mean, that’s the stuff of Bible times…like the book of Acts, you know.

From way back in college days when, as a venture of faith, we started the Boston Literature Evangelism Student Society (BLESS), to this day, the door-to-door work of canvassing has never failed to furnish thrilling experiences! So when we met with the leadership of SEAL Team 7 at the beginning of the summer, I expressed my desire to go out with them sometime. It was genuine.

The first time we went out, I had come to work prepared – arrived at the office so I could get some stuff done before it was time to head out and even wore a skirt! But today…Today, I didn’t plan on going out with them. It’s the first of the month so I had to close the financial books…not to mention the myriad other tasks on my plate since campmeeting and the illness that ensued.

“Come out with us, this afternoon,” was the invitation when they returned to the CAMPUS house for “lunch” at 4pm. Probably because it hadn’t been a part of my plan for the day, I was very reluctant. My resistance made no sense to me since I’m always blessed by the experience of getting out there with Jesus. Every excuse presented itself…I’m wearing jeans…I still have to close the books…I’ve been sick so maybe I’m not well enough for that kind of physical exertion yet…

Although I yielded to the invitation and found myself sitting in the van on the way out to territory, my attitude was way off – like someone was forcing me to be there and I was determined to hate every minute. That attitude does not get books out! So I prayed, and asked my prayer partner to pray for me, that I’d have a change of heart so I could just have fun out on the field.

God answers prayer! He put a song in my soul that added a skip to my step – actually, it was more like a playlist; one song after another, one door after another. Whether in rejection or small donation, He gave me the joy of service. I had some cool encounters…I even met a Wellesley student who’s gonna hook it up with a Wellesley decal for my car (I’ve been wanting one since I got my car! haha) and I hooked her up with a Great Controversy!

The only regret I had was one gentleman who was clearly interested in spiritual things. He bought a Great Controversy and a God’s Answers, but I didn’t show him any of the other spiritual books. As I stood there writing out his receipt, then as I turned to leave his door and as I walked across the grass to the next door, I was regretting closing the sale before showing him the other books. Maybe he would have wanted something else. Baaaaaaaaaah. Such an unsatisfying feeling this thing called regret!

In spite of my shortcomings; in spite of my bad attitude at the start, being out there today was so much fun, I wasn’t ready to quit when the van came around to end the evening. I felt like I was just warming up. I want to go again after work tomorrow! Except this time, I’ll go in prepared in a skirt and early enough to complete the office work before I get to out and have fun on the field.