Somewhere along the line, perhaps almost a decade ago now, my mother and I developed a tradition.

You know how on your birthday, everyone gives you all this attention…the unending stream of wall posts on facebook…for a little more personal touch, you have an actual message in your facebook inbox or a text message on your phone: Even more rare and more involved is the email or…wait for it…a PHONECALL! Who still makes an actual phonecall?

Well, I do. On my birthday, every year, the tradition is that I call my mother to wish her a happy Sikhu’s birthday 🙂
Because, when you think about it, as eager as I was to get out into the world almost 3 decades ago, it was my mother that was suffering through the process. She pretty much did all the work. She’d been doing it for about 9months already, and it only got more challenging once I popped out.

As I read through the book, “Adventist Home,” a couple of years back, I couldn’t help but reflect on my upbringing. And remarkably, my mother did so many things right! Moreover, as I grow into womanhood and begin to experience the unique challenges that adulthood brings, I’m all the more impressed by my mother’s godly example. I’m encouraged by her strength. Motivated by her love. And I miss her so much.

So as this day that celebrates my birth commences, it is only fitting to honor the woman who labored to bring me into the world. The woman who reared me and has been most influential (outside of God) in shaping the woman I am becoming. It’s my birthday today, but really, this is the day that I celebrate my mother.

Happy mother’s day, Mama.

During Mom's visit last year

4 Replies to “happy mother’s day”

  1. I made an actual phone call! 🙂 Even if it was at an indecent hour.
    Thank you Sikhu’s mom for ‘laboring’ to bring her into this world! She’s been such an inspiration to people here and it’s from the love and strength and Godly example that she had from you.

  2. lol, you sure did! I actually considered an honorable mention in the body of the blog, anticipating that you would call 😀

  3. Really?!! Looking at the time stamp, it was not long after you posted that I called, but you didn’t answer! I had to call and wake up my dad first! That’s one good thing about my work schedule, it allows for midnight birthday phone calls!

  4. yep. I wrote out the post and waited for midnight to strike so it’d post on my birthday then literally closed my computer and fell asleep.

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