There may be somebody out there who can resonate with this struggle of mine with curiosity. Yes, yes, it is said that curiosity killed the cat…But that cat had at least nine lives, right…so…it’s ok 😛

It’s so frustrating when people start telling you something then leave you hanging! I mean, how can you sleep at night, thinking about all the permutations that story could have taken to its conclusion?!? No matter how anti-climactic, you’ve just gotta know the ending!

In the ongoing story that is each of our lives, we pray fervently that God’s will be made known to us. This is good. Of course. The thing is, though, too often, we want to know, just for curiosity’s sake – just so we know how God would end the story if we let Him.

But that privilege is not always ours. In fact, it seldom is. We know for sure that Truth triumphs in the end, but how exactly the drama plays out in our individual lives is one huge question mark.

Maybe the problem isn’t curiosity, though. Maybe our focus is off. Maybe our curiosity is misdirected…

The most important question in life is “Who?”: Not “what?”: Not “how?” Who do you want to be when you grow up? Who will your friends be after you have influenced them? And the chief Who in our pursuit is God.

Getting to know God is the whole point. And seeking insight into the whats and whens of life is meant to bring us to a clearer understanding of the “Who is God?” question. You see, how He directs my life tells me something about Him. How He answers my prayers, tells me about Him. What He says in His Word, obviously tells of Him.

Where will I live as an adult? What will my occupation be 10yrs down the road? Which area will I pursue for further study? How will I pay for grad school? When can I graduate from apartment renting and buy a house? etc etc etc. As happy as I am right now and thankful to God for where He’s brought me from, I’m just curious about what’s next…

But you know the oft-repeated lyrics: I know not what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future…

The unquenchable curiosity to know Him is where it’s at!