In the last couple of apartments that I’ve lived in, I’ve had a walk-in closet.
I like my closet.
When I got my first walk-in though, I thought it was unnecessarily huge.
What would I put in it?
Now, I can’t imagine life without a walk-in closet.

It’s always fun when friends stay over.
I feel like it makes the apartment more like home when you can host people.
Though I love my current apartment, having carpet only in the bedrooms limits sitting and crashing space.
So, with comfortably – 5 sleeping spots and an apartment with 6 women this past weekend, the floor was all mine 🙂

And into the closet I went with my sleeping bag and a pillow.
There’s a light in it so I could do my morning and evening devotions unimpeded.
Don’t feel badly for me because in such a crammed apartment, I had the most privacy!
In my previous apartment, it took more than 6 people to justify sleeping in the closet…but I did get to do it on at least one occasion.

When I was comfortably situated in my cozy closet, I began to think about all the space in my apartment.
Do I need it?
Ok, you need a bathroom, for sure! And a kitchen!
But here, in this small space, were almost all my belongings…

It caused me to think of all the things we think we need to survive…
Do we really need them?
How much of my happiness is bound up in stuff?
Am I willing to give up my walk-in closet?