My Mom is coming for a visit. Her flight arrives at 5pm today. This all comes as a compound of miracles. Firstly, the sponsorship for her stay. Secondly, the fact she got a visa to the USA! And thirdly, the finances for her travel. I truly have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Here are some reflections on what this time of awaiting her advent has been like:

1. You think about it all the time
2. You talk about it all the time
3. Everything you do is to prepare for it
4. Because everything you do is related to preparing for it, whenever you talk about what you’ve been doing, it comes up as a natural part of your conversation
5. Because your speech emanates from your experience, people easily empathize with what you’re saying
6. Since it’s all you ever talk about, you try to talk to new people so you’re not boring the same people with the same story all the time
7. You clean house with a q-tip!

It oughta be something like that waiting for Christ’s Advent eh!

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  1. You were on my mind today, so I checked your f/b page, but noticed you don’t frequent it as much, so I tried a number that I had in my phone under your name and learnt its a wrong number for you. So I found myself on your blog 🙂 I have to admit I spent a little more time here than I intended to, you are very thoughtful, reflective and witty as well and I enjoyed studying your musings. I am happy to learn that your mom is in the country visiting with you, and being familiar with the whole process of gaining admittance into the US, I exult with you in that regard. I don’t know for a fact why the good Lord would have placed you in my thoughts at such a time as this, but I know that all the prayers prayed on your behalf have been answered for you this thanksgiving. I have never met your mom before, but for some reason I feel a joy just knowing that she is here with you, but I believe God places things in our hearts for a reason. I know you will have a blessed time and I will be giving thanks together with you my friend.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  2. It’s so cool your mom was able to come! How long is she staying (meaning in part, will I get to meet her)?

    Thought provoking post. In the morning when I am more awake I will think about this.

  3. HI, your website is so cute
    I like it.
    you are so smart and kindness.
    I will pray for you and your mom and family
    Happy Thanksgiving Day

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