My baby turned ONE today! This is is not my first-born. Not my second-born. But my third. Oh how I miss all my babies!

When I first left home for Canada, in 2000, the plan was to return to Zimbabwe after my 2yr program was over because I didn’t want to miss watching my babies #1 and #2 grow! Now…they’re almost as tall as me -_-

Thank God for technological advancement though, because even though I’m not back home yet, I’ve been able to keep abreast of the growth of my baby #3, Sinethemba.

Babies #1 and #2 were graciously brought into the world by my eldest sister, Tshuchu. Their names are Tina and Fari. Between visits (the longest I went without going home = 5yrs) I went from seeing them like this (they’re the kids in the front):

da fam

…To seeing them like this (they’re the two flanking me with my not-so-baby-sister all the way to the right):

big babies

When did they grow? My eldest, Tina, is now the age I was when I first left home for Canada! Whoa!!

I didn’t want to go from seeing S’neh as a baby to seeing her as a little girl in a heartbeat so I begged that my sister send me pictorial updates of her as often as possible!


I wish we’d had whatsapp when Tina and Fari were younger! I regret not having seen them grow 🙁

But back to happy thoughts…My baby #3, who was painstakingly brought into the world by my other sister Sponge, celebrated 1yr of life on the planet today! And since I don’t get to see her, today, I’ll acknowledge the day here, on my blog 🙂

Happy birthday, S’neh!