My friend got me reading this article that got me thinking about womanhood.

I’m no feminist, but as the Bible teaches, I believe that men and women were created equal though different. Somewhere along the line, the woman came to be defined by her child-bearing capacity. Then, the counter-swing so emphasizes everything but that capability.

What defines me as a woman? I mean, in a perfect world, what would a perfect woman look like? And I’m thinking beyond the Proverbs 31 woman because not every woman will have the privilege of a family of her own. God leads godly women to lives of singleness too.

There are so many dimensions to this intellectual exercise in definitions of womanhood that I’m thinking about considering this the introduction to a series of reflections on the topic. Hmm.

My conclusion for today, on this topic, is that I, as a woman, am not defined by my womb. Neither am I defined by my brain. My ultimate goal is not to achieve worldly praise in my career. Nor is my single aspiration to marry and be fruitful in multiplication.

What, or rather, Who defines me, is God. He may choose to give me a family…He may choose to give me a prosperous career…He may choose not to give me either…Whatever He chooses for me, is who I will be. And it is only in living to the fullness of His calling that I will find fulfillment.

More thoughts on womanity forthcoming 😉

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