This morning, I’m so glad I’m a creationist! See, I was just thinking in the shower (the place from whence all brilliance emanates) that to believe that all things just naturally occur is deterministic – that once things are set in motion, they just flow to their determined end: An end determined by the laws of nature, so to speak.

Recently, there has sprouted in my heart, an abiding fear of repeating my parents’ mistakes. You know that third and fourth generation curse…like, what if I’m in the second generation? I’m doomed!
The fear is recent probably because it’s only recently that I’ve been forced to or had the courage to stare into the face of my parents’ failures. Being an idealist, I guess I unwittingly imagined my parents to be perfect. But they’re not perfect. And my entire being rebels against the reality. The truth can be a painful thing.

So, anyways, as I’ve been looking down the barrel of my parents’ shortcomings, I tremble at the possibility that I’m looking into my own future. (Please note, that my parents are not all failures and no successes. In fact, they’re probably mostly successes which eclipsed, for so long, my realization of the failures. I’ve just had to take a long hard look at the other side of the coin…that’s all). If I am my parents’ daughter, then I’ll have the same tendencies that they do…even the not-so-great ones. Hence the fear.

But as I was thinking in the shower, I realized how deterministic that logic is. Who said I have to make the same mistakes that my parents made?! So, that’s what naturally occurs…but I believe in a God who is above nature!
Yes, an object in motion will remain in motion, UNLESS an unbalanced force acts on it. I’m doomed to make the mistakes of my parents, UNLESS God intervenes. And, I believe in the kind of God who does intervene. If He didn’t, the earth would still be without form, and void, and darkness would still cover the face of the earth!

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