I love it when it thunderstorms in the summer! The lightning, the rain, the thunder. It seems like such a violent process and yet it creates an environment where life can blossom. And although I couldn’t see myself living in Victoria, B.C. or London because it rains ALL THE TIME there, when it comes once in a while, I even like the gray.

If I could experience the sensation of showering all day, everyday, I would definitely sign up. It’s so refreshing! I know it’s an external cleansing, but for me, at least, it helps me think more clearly. Wouldn’t call myself a creative genius, by any stretch of the imagination, but any “genius” ideas (even if they’re insignificant on the scale of saving the world), I’ve had in the shower. I just love the clean feeling. Hmm. Yep, I love taking showers. That’s the one thing I’ll miss most about America when I return home – taking ridiculously, environmentally unfriendly, long showers 🙂

The silence between friends. Just to be able to sit there, together, and say nothing, and it’s not awkward, not uncomfortable. I mean, I love listening to interesting people talk too, but I guess there’s something special in a relationship where you don’t have to be talking all the time.

With many of my friends getting into the whole exercise, marathons and triathlons thing, I figured I should try the running bit, but it’s not my cup o’ tea… But I’ve discovered a new passion – biking! When you’re cruising down the hill with the wind hitting your face: it’s exhilarating. There really is nothing like it! Earlier this week I even discovered an appreciation for climbing up the hills 🙂 Once you’ve accepted that progress will be a little slower going uphill, it takes a lot of the pain out of the process. It’s still hard work; but it’s less painful…

Hmm, and this is probably the bestest of them all: Sabbath! I don’t think I’d still be a Christian if it weren’t for that weekly set aside time. No matter how awful or successful the week, there’s that Friday sunset through Saturday sunset to refocus. I want it to be Sabbath everyday. And not like when I was a kid (I just didn’t want to do chores sometimes) but for the intimacy of the relationship with God during the holy time.

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