I just read an article about why kangaroos have short arms and long legs. In summary it’s because that suits them best for what they do i.e. crawl in a pouch or hop around…
Why does this go down as an historic discovery? Well, maybe not historic, but at least noteworthy. Because someone just discovered another reason why evolution is so awesome. Really?
It’s like saying, “I just discovered why televisions have remote controls! They evolved that way because having a remote control makes it easier to change channels. Isn’t evolution great!?!” Really?
In an age of scientific progress, tautologies have become noteworthy discoveries.

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  1. It seems every new observation of life has an evolutionary explanation tacked on. And it’s assumed to be the correct explanation because, well, evolution is true. Then evolution is considered further validated because it can explain so many things.

    Never mind that even assuming evolution is true, there could be any other number of valid explanations for how things got the way they are. For example, the award winning hypothesis that humans aren’t hairy because mothers thought hairy babies weren’t as cute, and threw them against rocks. Other evolutionists later pointed out this action would actually select against murderous mothers, not hairy babies.

    Yeah, this bugs me too…

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