I remember thinking, “what a stupid class” when some friends told me they were taking a class called, “The Idea of Home.” They wrote essay upon essay addressing the question, “what is home?” Who asks such a question with such an obvious answer ? You just know what home is, intuitively. And when you get home, you just feel at home!

Home is that place you long to go to after a long day of work. Home is the place you miss when you’ve been away for a while. What do you mean “what is home?”

Home is a place of emotional vulnerability. I mean, it’s a place where you can be weak without the fear that someone is about to tear you down. Home is a place full of people that you can trust with you.

When a friend asked me, recently, what home is, I realized that my intuition wasn’t as easily articulated as it is experienced. What is home?

Home is a place where someone believes in you.
Home is a place where you’re always accepted no matter what. It’s a place of rest. Physical, emotional, spiritual, social…rest.

I want to go home. To a place of rest.
Nowhere on this earth can we experience complete rest. For one thing, the spiritual battle will not end until Christ returns! So clearly, this world cannot be home.

Until we get to that place that is home, we may experience rest in Jesus.

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  1. Hebrews 11:13-16

    “I’m a pilgrim, and I’m a stranger, I can tarry, I can tarry but a night….”

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