No, I do not believe in love at first sight;
But somehow, I just knew…
Nor do I believe that it happens the same way for everyone.
We all will have a different story:
We are all unique.
For me…I just knew…

It was like meeting an old acquaintance.
The kind of acquaintance I could have become good friends with
Had time and space permitted.
There was this uncanny familiarity,
And I just knew…

The words resonated in my mind
With a stimulating sensation
A comforting inspiration.
This was it – I just knew…

The pieces were beginning to gel…
My childhood, my youth, my now…
It all made sense somehow.

I would never be happy again,
If my eyes were forbidden this sight:
For in books I had found my love
I just knew it – it just felt right.

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