I’m sitting in front of my laptop literally waiting for Obama to hit 270 so I can go to bed.
There’s just something about that man…
It might surprise the reader to know that I’m not a fan, per se.
But I’ve watched the campaign a bit and I can’t help but be impressed with his campaign!

It’s 11pm (EST) and the votes are in.

Senator Barack Obama is no longer presidential hopeful…

He is the new president of the United States of America!!!

What does all this mean?

Not only is he the first black president of the US
If I’m not mistaken, he has the most “international” background of any president (Born to a Caucasian American woman and black African man, step-fathered by an Indonesian man…etc…)
And I never heard a more charismatic president – something about him makes you want to like him
He has run the tightest propaganda campaign I have ever witnessed
He found a way to unleash the creative energy of musicians and artists alike
He got young people invested and involved in the political process
And he inspired a nation to believe in positive change again

Barack Obama is president of the United States of America!

What does all this mean?

Black, white, hispanic and asians voted for him
Young, old and middle-aged voted for him
Men and women voted for him
Even republicans voted for him

Obama is president

Is it a new day for race relations in America?
Maybe the church will be inspired to believe in change too and eradicate racially segregated conferences
Does this mark a renaissance of political engagement for people of all ages?
Perhaps bench-warmers will once again take ownership of their church
Is this a new movement of young people who believe in something and are willing to do something about it?
A generation of youth sold out for Jesus…willing to go where-ever, whenever, for the the cause of Christ

There is a black man in the white house


What’s going to be next?