My Mom is coming for a visit. Her flight arrives at 5pm today. This all comes as a compound of miracles. Firstly, the sponsorship for her stay. Secondly, the fact she got a visa to the USA! And thirdly, the finances for her travel. I truly have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Here are some reflections on what this time of awaiting her advent has been like:

1. You think about it all the time
2. You talk about it all the time
3. Everything you do is to prepare for it
4. Because everything you do is related to preparing for it, whenever you talk about what you’ve been doing, it comes up as a natural part of your conversation
5. Because your speech emanates from your experience, people easily empathize with what you’re saying
6. Since it’s all you ever talk about, you try to talk to new people so you’re not boring the same people with the same story all the time
7. You clean house with a q-tip!

It oughta be something like that waiting for Christ’s Advent eh!