The very next day, he arrived! That is, our son, Leonardo Ittai Hlatywayo Daco, was born on February 1st. He’s 4 weeks old today at 7.02pm.
Maybe it’s because I carried him in my womb for roughly 40 weeks before he entered the world, but I feel like he’s always been a part of my life 🙂

God has been so very gracious to our family! We’ve had our fair share of baby woes…I’ve made many mistakes already (oy)…but he’s a healthy little boy – precisely what we prayed for.

They say the first month-6weeks is the hardest time of adjusting; so I’m thanking God for seeing us through this first part of our journey! And praying that He will guide us as we introduce our son to this sinful world and his loving Savior!