The book of Ephesians has, as a themes, the concept of unity. That Christ came to bring everything back together.

There was harmony in the universe when God first created it. Every note different yet moving in unity. Then sin entered in – sin: the very breach of the harmonious flow of life.

You see, harmony requires order. And God’s law is that order. So to transgress His law is to break the harmony.

Discord. Disorder. Disunity. Chaos. Brokenness.

Now we are broken people. And we are a broken people. Our individual brokenness fueling our corporate disunity. Anything can be a reason to divide between us.

Skin color. Accent. Gender. Wallet-size. Aesthetic preference.

Ephesians 4 begins with 5 injunctions. Here they are in my own words:

1. Live up to God’s dreams for you (v.1)

2. Realize your own brokenness (v.2 – humble)

3. Depend on God (v.2 – meek)

4. Endure the suffering that comes with relationships (v.2 – longsuffering)

5. Be loving towards those you don’t agree with (v.2 – forbearing)

This is how it is possible to live in unity with others. There must be a realization of our mutual brokenness and a decision to live together in spite of it.

But that is not the end of the unity God wants for His children!

Then God gives a diversity of gifts for the purpose of healing our individual brokenness to facilitate an even closer unity. And the gifts mentioned here have to do with the doctrinal ministry of the church (v.11). As we gain a correct understanding of Truth we attain to the wholeness of Christ’s perfect life. And as that happens at an individual level, we can grow closer in unity with those on the same journey.

So there is that unity we must work to maintain in spite of our brokenness. And this type of unity is an essential part of our journey to a closer unity – that unity we find within ourselves then with others as we see Jesus through a correct understanding of His Word.

Jesus prayed that we would be one. And so I pray.