May is the month when I wasn’t sure I’d get my monthly blog in or not.
It was really a toss-up: “I may or may not blog this month,” I thought.
But I just really did not want to break my beautifully consistent record of blogging every month so here I am writing something down.

It’s not for lack of things to write about!
Several ideas have presented themselves to me over the past month.
Some with greater force than others.

For instance,

I have this blog idea floating around in my head about why I am a Seventh-day Adventist.
I mean, why I’m a Seventh-day Adventist and not a Jew, or a Catholic or a Muslim etc.
Hopefully I’ll make the time to write that one.

Then there’s the “living in the tension” series of which I’ve only produced the first … ahem.
There are so many facets to it that I’m becoming convinced that the Christian experience is all about it and that this very fact makes the Christian witness of a life lived by principle is the clearest articulation of the Christian faith.
Oh so much to say on this – I really should be writing a blog a day to articulate my thinking in this area!

But the one that almost got me writing with fury was a response to a conversation with some friends yesterday…
The men (the majority of the men engaged in the conversation) were trying to make the Bible say that women are worse affected by sin than men were and that’s why society must be harsher to women than it is toward men.
It’s one thing to be of the opinion that women are somehow morally inferior…ok, it’s ridiculous but, ok…
It’s quite another thing to try to squeeze that out of the Bible! (smh is not an adequate descriptor of my sentiment here)

Yet with all the pathos and intellectual stimulus that these ideas have evoked, I still find myself unable to blog about anything this month.
That I’m too busy is true but only betrays the fact that there are things in my life right now that I consider to be more important.
Perhaps as I find my summertime groove, things will sufficiently subside so that blogging can be somewhat restored to the priority list.
YaY for summer!