afraid to look

My mother’s philosophy to shopping is “Madziso haana hurombo” Translated, “The eyes know no poverty.”

Even if you have no money to buy, it doesn’t hurt to look.

Or doesn’t it?

It doesn’t feel too good when you’re window shopping and you see just the thing you need at just the right price but you just spent your last dime on some reasonably-priced gas…

You know what else doesn’t feel nice?
…when you just got a steal of a deal on that dinner set, only to find it at half the price 2weeks later…and you don’t have the receipt from the previous purchase any longer…

That’s why my Dad’s shopping philosophy is, “No window shopping!”

What’s the point of finding out you could have saved $50 if you had waited a week or two to make the purchase?
It just makes you feel bad!

So we walk around, afraid to look at the price tag in case we made a mistake and made the purchase too soon when we could have gotten a better deal…
Afraid to reflect on our decisions and choices because if we misstepped it will only make us feel bad…

Afraid to look


You know how they say the anticipation of death is worse than death itself…?

They should also say the anticipation of food is better than food itself…

Ever wonder why food tastes better when you’re famished?
It’s because you spend a lot of time thinking about how good it will taste before it even reaches your mouth!

I read on CNN yesterday that presidential candidate, Obama, plans to think if he gets elected into office.

He says he was counselled by someone in the White House, “…the most important thing you need to do is to have big chunks of time during the day when all you’re doing is thinking.”

Clearly the man is not talking about thinking as a subconscious process…but the time-consuming, arduous and taxing task of applying one’s mind to a task. This is the kind of thinking it takes to come up with a good short-cut…what you do to come up with a good dinner menu…how you would prepare for an efficient day of work…

As much as I love thinking, it’s not always top on my list of things to DO today.

It can seem like such a waste of time sometimes…yah!?

But maybe things would actually be a lot less complicated if we took some time to think things through. Because the universe tends to entropy, it takes energy to simplify.

Simply put, I plan to do some thinking on this blog.

This is my invitation to you to think too.