I never believed it possible to lose a friend. How could you lose a friend? I mean, we all make mistakes…so we ask for forgiveness and move on. Why would you want to give up a friend? It’s not like they cost you any more than they invest in you. Besides, it feels so much nicer (warm and fuzzy inside) to call someone your friend than not to.

And yet I think I lost a friend for the first time in my life. It didn’t feel good. It didn’t feel good at all. In fact, it felt worse than a break up. I felt so powerless…

I’ve always known that relationships are a two-way street; it’s a give-and-take. But I guess I just never imagined that a friend would be unwilling to give.

God is always giving, giving, giving. As humans, we’re always taking, taking, taking. And that’s how it should be! He is God after all and we are dependent upon Him. But something beautiful happens when we start giving back to Him. Our lives. Our time. Our thoughts. Our affections. Ourselves. It becomes a friendship, you see. A give-and-take on both sides.

How often do we break off the friendship though? It becomes too much for us to invest in the relationship so we default to the basic Provider-dependent relationship. And God’s heart breaks as He loses a friend.

But I’ve never broken friendship with God and not missed Him ultimately. I’d miss talking to Him about anything and everything. I’d miss laughing over inside jokes. I’d miss planning for activities we enjoy doing together and then executing them. I’d miss sharing random thoughts and hearing His. It’s not too long before I miss Him and I want to be His friend again.

Maybe it is that way with human friendships too. Maybe not. I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out. But in the meantime I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness as a friend!